Advanced presentation solutions for Real Estate Developers


Combine solutions to best fit for your campagne

Virtual Reality (VR)

Impress your costumers! Present your development through a HTC Vive or through branded Cardboard glasses.

Showroom solutions

Display your developments with cutting-edge touch-screen solutions.

Drone photography

We can show you your future view with the use of the real environment.

720 Degree Virtual Visits

Look around from a certain point of the real estate as if you were really there.

Light simulation

Switch between different types of natural and artificial lights to try out.

Augmented Reality (AR)

“Project” your property’s 3D model on a printed surface and take a 720-degree look at it.

Interactive flat search

Web based interactive search within the 3D model of the building

2D floor plans

Well-developed level and floor plans

Greenbox solutions

Combine real-world camera recordings with 3D virtual shots

Furnishing options

See various furnishing options and try different layouts in real time

Real-time database management

Real-time system feedback about available homes

Property configuration

Showcase your properties with optional pavement and flooring

Plan your presentation in the most suitable way for your purposes


Mobile VR

VR Headset


Touch Screen

Immersive Room

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